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Partner with Noble Knight Games through our Affiliate Program

What is this and why should I join?

Have your own webpage? Want to make extra cash or get some new games for free? Help us find new customers by listing our link and/or products on your webpage, and you will get competitive rates in cash (6%) or trade (10%) for all orders purchased through those links. We will handle all the customer service, order fulfillment, and billing. We believe ours is a very strong program because we offer not only thousands of new titles but also OUT-OF-PRINT books and games that customers cannot easily find elsewhere, and this translates into MORE sales. And this is all backed by our first-class customer service.

How does this work?

We provide you with simple special links to our webpage or product lines. You put these links on your website, and all sales that come to us from your site will count towards your credit. In addition, if a customer comes to our site through yours, leaves without making a purchase, but then comes back to our site any time within seven days to make a purchase (even if they then come directly to our page), that sale will count towards your credit. You will be given access to a special administration area with links, graphics, and your current account balance.

Can I only use this on my website?

No! You can put this link in your signature for your e-mail, e-mail groups, newsgroups, or message boards. All sales from those links are still counted!

How do I get my money/games?

For the cash option, we will issue checks quarterly for all balances over $50. If you have selected the store credit option, we will issue your credit monthly if the balance exceeds $20. You can then place an order normally on our website and the credit will automatically be deducted from your order total. If you do not meet the minimums, your credit will not disappear but will instead roll over into the next period.

Are there any other limitations?

For obvious reasons, we cannot have affiliate links that contain explicit adult content, promote any kind of violence or hate speech, or be affiliated with or funded by a political party.

To become an Affiliate, apply here:

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Web Site Information
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