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Crystal Message Cards
Crystal Message Cards
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2021 COVR Award Gold Winner for Manifestation Product

Explore the Wisdom of the Crystal Devas

Wherever you are on your spiritual path, this 70-card deck will help you develop a rapport and love for the crystal kingdom.

Each Crystal Message card features a photo of the crystal, a description of its meaning and benefits, and a powerful affirmation. You may pick a single card to receive a crystal message for the day, or use the cards as an oracle deck for insight and guidance about a situation.

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    Box measures: 3” x 5”; Cards measure: 2.75” x 4.625”
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    Valencia Chan
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What Customers Are Saying About Crystal Message Cards

First of all, Ms. Valencia Chan, author of this deck, owner of Angel Light Books in Berkeley, and crystal expert for more than 30 years, scored a solid hit on "Crystal Message Cards" because these 70 stones, from Amazonite to Zebra Stone, feature in her crystal awareness courses and my favorite, her crystal divination readings for clients like me. Next: This deck is actually a reimagining of the first one which only had a non-sturdy paper box. As you can see in the pics above, this US Games reissue has a more solid, durable carton box to protect the precious cargo inside. What's more, I love Ms. Valencia's words and photos of each crystal: a keyword, the pic, the "story," and the affirmation. It all ties up together in wonderful synchronicity, and I know whereof I speak because since 2014, I have asked Ms. Valencia for periodic crystal divination readings and really, like she says with crystals, once on the reading board, "You can't make this stuff up!" Overall a beautiful, useful deck which you can use as oracular guidance as often as you want, when you want. With Ms. Valencia Chan's "Crystal Message Cards," in time you will learn to love the language of the stones & make it your own. Brava!
Bles Carmona, Amazon customer

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