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Elle Qui Oracle
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Elle Qui Oracle
Score: 4.25 (votes: 8)
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Elle Qui ("She Who") Oracle features 44 magnificent female warriors and women of great compassion and wisdom. After experiencing everything from fear to freedom and hardship to hope, they now share all their powerful life lessons with you. Each card presents someone who will challenge and inspire you in unique ways. Elle Qui Oracle will help you discover layers of forgotten selves and new insights. Includes 44 cards and 80-page guidebook.

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    44 cards, 3” x 5”;
    Box, 3.375” x 5.375”
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    Arwen Lynch-Poe
  • Artist
    Melanie Delon

What Customers Are Saying About Elle Qui Oracle

These 44 exquisite cards are meant to introduce you to your inner feminine strengths and wisdom. Their names come from around the world (Colette-She Who Nurtures, Conscia-She Who Whispers, Abanolaka-She Who Battles, Eclat-She Who Regrets, Kamala-She Who Emerges). The illustrations are state of the art digital, each one more beautiful than the last, combining fantasy and romance with classical foundations. The depicted ladies are physically perfect according to traditional, conservative standards of beauty. It is, however, the powerful energy that they transmit (most often conveyed by a direct gaze) that raises this deck from the realm of art to the realm of modern transcendence. The esoteric wisdom can be found in the accessories, be it jewelry, head dresses, flowers, tarot cards or daggers.
Don’t be misled by the glamour of the images. This deck delivers serious messages regarding women’s unfoldment. We are coming into a time when women can be pretty and relevant. If you’re interested in the spiritual overtones of the next generation of feminism, spend some time with these cards. You won’t be disappointed.

Anna Jedrziewski, InannaWorks

I absolutely love this deck! I've used it a few times since I purchased it and look forward to using it in more readings for both myself and others. I plan to gift this deck to a couple of friends for the holidays. The cardstock quality is on the higher end, it's easy to shuffle, and the artwork is beautiful. I highly recommend this deck to any level of card readers!

Kelly, Amazon customer

I first encountered these cards during a session with my therapist. I've been reading tarot cards for 20 years but these spoke to me and I purchased my own deck. Each message is healing, clear and in depth enough for deep reflection without being overwhelming the way traditional Tarot readings can be. The provided book interprets the artwork and then goes on to explain the message of the card. The reflection questions at the end of each interpretation are simple but a wonderful help. I've had more than a few magical moments since using them.  I highly recommend purchasing this deck if you're in a space in your life where you need healing guidance but can only take in so much. The artwork is absolutely stunning. If you're thinking about buying this deck, listen to your inner voice and let the healing begin.

Tara, Amazon customer

I use this deck along with the Lenormand cards for my prosperity readings with clients. This deck is perfect because some of the Divine Feminine archetypes come through on the images of these cards. The artwork is beautiful and the messages are clear and insightful. I love this deck, one of my new favorites!

MCB, Amazon customer

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