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Old Maid Kids' Classics Card Game
Old Maid Kids' Classics Card Game
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The Kids’ Classic, Old Maid Card Game has a whole new look, with an eccentric buzzard that stars as the Old Maid. A merry menagerie of matching animals includes dancing cows and poodles, a rabbit that skates, a goat that cooks, and a pig that shops. This kooky card game will delight the whole family. The 42-card Old Maid deck consists of 20 matching pairs of animals, one Old Maid card 42 cards, and one rule card. Players try to form as many pairs as possible before the cards run out. Noone wants to get stuck holding the Old Maid Card! For 2-4 players, ages 4 and up. Old Maid Card Game is one of the four Kids Classics Card Games. This vibrant series of redesigned decks for kids combines the most popular card game series with cute and kooky designs.

Other card games in the series include: Crazy Eights, Go Fish, and Slap Jack. Collect all four for hours of family fun.

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