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Sortilegium Tarot
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Sortilegium Tarot
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Sortilegium Tarot, whose title refers to card reading for spellcasting and divination, presents magical people in mystical places. With titles in English and Spanish, Colombian artist Natalia Vélez brings each character to life with unique personality attributes and vibrant colors that emanate strength and vitality. Includes 78 cards with gold gilt-edges and a 160-page bilingual guidebook that presents tales of enchantment, as well as tarot arcanum, symbology and meanings in both upright and reversed positions. It also includes instructions for working with card spreads for divination and spellwork.

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    Box measures 4” x 6”; 78 cards measure 2.75” x 4.5”
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    Natalia Vélez

What Customers Are Saying About Sortilegium Tarot

A very elegant deck with gold gilt edge and beautiful bold colors on every card. The deck follows the Rider Waite Smith System and is very easy to read. Readers from any level can open the box and start reading the deck right out of the box without any reference necessary as the illustrations are very simple and easy to understand, however the deck does include a guidebook that includes the meaning of each card as well as upright and reversed meaning for all 78 cards. Card size is a little shorter than the traditional tarot card size, making it the perfect deck for petite hands to shuffle. If you are looking for a new RWS Deck to add to your collection and love colorful, bold vivid colors, I highly recommend this deck.
—Anne Ti, Deck collector & YouTuber

Wow! So I am learning Spanish and find this to be such a great tool. This is great for Spanish speakers, those of us learning and others that connect to the artwork. I love it! I have already used it with both English and Spanish speaking clients and they both connected.
—Jenny_C_Bell on TikTok

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