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Spycraft - Dark Inheritance

By: Mythic Dreams Studios

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Spycraft - Dark Inheritance (d20) (Mythic Dreams Studios)

MSRP $34.99

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Spycraft - Dark Inheritance
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Ungodly horrors crawl within an abandoned gene-splicing lab and deadly wonders lay hidden beneath a murdered city, shattered by a catastrophe that defies explanation. But mankind's most primordial secret has already been discovered and brutally suppressed. The truth was never out there: it was inside each and every one of us, waiting only to be unlocked.

Now, you can unleash the secrets of the Lost Age. Harness powerful supernatural forces in a world sixty seconds into a terrifying future. Outwit and outfight secret societies and black book government agencies for control of your destiny.

But watch your back. As the dust settles, a forgotten enemy slips through the cracks in their eternal prison, escaping onto streets lined with glass and steel. This world was once theirs, and they want it back!

The world is up for grabs, with the smartest, fastest, and toughest making their plays - winner takes all!

Spycraft: Dark Inheritance features:

- An action-packed world where the mysteries and terrors of the supernatural collide with the crises of modern events and technology.

- Choose your style of play! Sign on with the NSA black program Project: TITAN; run with the criminal but enlightened Eight Heavenly Dragons triad; uncover the terrible truth with the International Geographical Society; or join one of four other exciting agencies.

- Each faction is fully detailed and has its own spin on action!

- Three all new base classes and five new prestige classes. Play a determined Advocate, a knowledgeable Arcanist, a cutting-edge Genesoldier, a dynamic Two-Fisted God of Guns, or four other unique classes!

- Harness the powers of magic – a complete system to utilize magic from your fantasy d20 products in the Spycraft system.

- Play a titan, a hero born with the genetic legacy of ancient gods or monsters. Pick from five distinct lineages and over 150 powers from a lost age!

- Enter an ancient world, once locked behind eldritch gates, filled with monsters out of legend; an Otherworld waiting to be explored.

- Challenge players with your own diabolical cults, who covet power gained through blood sacrifice.

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