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Tarot of the Golden Wheel
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Tarot of the Golden Wheel
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Inspired by the magic and wisdom of Russian fairy tales, Tarot of the Golden Wheel interprets traditional tarot through the prism of colorful Slavic folk culture. In this radiant deck the Golden Wheel, a sacred symbol of karma, the sun, and the infinite cycles of life conveys the Fool on his journey through the Major and Minor Arcana.

Includes 78 cards and 84-page guidebook. 

Mila Losenko lives in Altai Territory of Russia. She studied at the Biysk Pedagogical College with a degree in "Teacher of Fine Arts". Since 2010, she has worked as a book illustrator. The rich aesthetic of Art Nouveau is reflected in her works in the Slavic style. Watercolor is her favorite art technique.  

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    78 cards, 2.75” x 5”;
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    Mila Losenko

What Customers Are Saying About Tarot of the Golden Wheel

With inspiration from Russian folk tales and with bright hand painted artworks of costume and the traditional rural culture of the Slav ccountryside, this is a deck of great beauty and meaning. The artist and concept writer, Mila Losenko originates in the Altai Mountains. She has a degree in Teaching Fine Arts and works as a book illustrator. She has produced a very interesting card deck in the Tarot of the Golden Wheel with exquisite water colour paintings!

—Wendy Stokes, Mind Body & Soul Ezine

This is a glorious deck in the RWS tradition. I pre-ordered the deck quite awhile ago, and was excited to see it in my mailbox. The images are from times past, calm and detailed. The colors are soft and the cards are easy to read. Pentacles are renamed "Wheels." The enclosed booklet is way better than a "little white book" and has quite a bit of excellent information to assist in reading with this particular deck for beginners and experts alike. All in all I am very pleased with this deck.

—BeadPassion, Amazon customer

I really love this deck, I have been working with it more than any of my other newer decks. I normally don't see much value in the little guidebooks, but this one is an exception! The guidebook discusses the Slavic fairytales the deck is based on and is actually an interesting read consisting of more than just your basic card meanings for the Major Arcana. I love the concept of the deck itself. It really appeals to me as someone of Slavic descent and a fan of fairytales. The deck itself is stunning, with beautiful, vibrant colors. I feel this deck would be excellent for beginners as it seems pretty easy to interpret based on the symbolism chosen by the artist. An added bonus! It is so hard to find kid appropriate decks, so many decks can have disturbing or inappropriate symbolism for younger kids Surprisingly, I did not see anything disturbing or graphic in this deck. Despite being "kid safe" the artist still did an excellent job of sticking true to the cards original intent without the (possibly) disturbing or graphic imagery of traditional decks. Highly recommended for beginners, those who love fairytales, someone who wants a bright and colorful deck, or young readers. Comes in a very sturdy and beautiful 2 part box.

—Amber, Amazon customer

I am so glad I listened to a friend and ordered this deck!!! I haven’t been able to use another deck since I got it!!! And I have over 50 decks!!!!! Something about this deck totally drew me in, and I connected to it instantly. Beautiful art, and although the images are different than what we usually see in most RWS based decks, it’s still based off the RWS theme. Except in this deck- Pentacles are called... (drumroll)... Wheels!! But it’s a beautiful well executed deck, with beautiful borderless cards, very good card stock.

—Becoming Temperance, Amazon customer 

Amazing waterbrush artwork on each card. Each card is a feast for your eyes. A few cards are not Rider Wait based, they are based on Slavic Folklore, so it might be harder to interpret for beginners a few cards on each suit, but with the handy booklet it should solve any confusions. I‘ve been reading for over 10 years and a collector of tarot decks, so I do appreciate slight variances on cards to refresh my readings. The faces on each card are gorgeous, handsome men and beautiful women depicting so much emotion that correlates to the meaning of each card. What a handsome Hermit for God sakes! The colors are sooo vibrant and beautifully contrasting. All tarot readers should have this deck in their collection. The details on the embroidery of their garments, shows, jewelry, the eyes of the people and their gaze, the energy and movement of each card, plus the actual depth of each location and scene makes you feel like you are right inside each card. This is a joy just to look at and mediate upon each and every single card. I am in loooove.

—Piedra Luna, Amazon customer

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